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Has your favorite animal been made into a Pokemon?

#101ZTIger5Posted 10/7/2013 9:10:32 PM
Tiger, so Raikou, but I would prefer a non-legendary because I try not to use legendaries. A Fire tiger starter next generation would make me incredibly happy.
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#102MidniteZoruaPosted 10/7/2013 9:11:13 PM
My favorite animals are foxes. We have Vulpix, Zorua (which is also an illusionist, generally my favorite type of character/class), and now Fennekin.
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#103MalcyonPosted 10/7/2013 9:12:10 PM
Badger, Typhlosion is based off of one.
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#104im_boredPosted 10/7/2013 9:14:10 PM
Girafarig is a Giraffe I guess but I don't really like it.
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#105Timz19Posted 10/7/2013 9:16:31 PM
Crossing my fingers for a koala, hopefully a grass starter.
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#106EliminathanPosted 10/7/2013 9:22:49 PM
dingo_of_jawaii posted...
SkySaber posted...
Nope. They still don't have a regular wolf.

Manectric doesn't count, as I think it's based on a Yokai :(

Take the Japanese lore with a grain of salt. According to BP it's based off a maned wolf and is certainly canid.

Raikou is the only pokemon we can be certain is based off of said yokai. Manectric might be but on the other hand the yokai in question is basically just shapeshifting thunder energy so any electric typed predatory mammal based pokemon can fit the criteria it seems.
#107BrilloheadPosted 10/7/2013 9:24:17 PM
Yes my favorite animal has been made into a pokemon, Bears.
Second favorite animal is a buffalo and we got that last gen.
#108Cannon_SamPosted 10/7/2013 9:29:58 PM
Yep, Hippowdon is a hippo. :D That thing is an in-game killer, and Hippopotas is adorable.
Notable mentions:

Bats: Too many. But Noivern and Gliscor are my favorites, even if the latter is based on a scorpion. It looks like a bat.

Monkeys: Infernape is probably the best.

Hyena: Mightyena. Eh.

Octopus/Squid: Octillery is kinda dumb, but Malamar is a boss. Great addition.
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#109SyrusYukiPosted 10/7/2013 10:07:46 PM
Raikou since a lot people say he resembles a tiger.
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