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What starters did you pick in previous gens?

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User Info: ridleyslayer23

3 years ago#1
You can also state your Gen 6 starter. But anyway for me it was:

Gen 1: Charmander
Gen 2: Chikorita
Gen 3: Torchic
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy

Gen 6 will be Froakie.
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User Info: ChibiDeidara

3 years ago#2
Gen 1: Squirtle
Gen 2: Totodile
Gen 3: Torchic
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy

Gen 6: Froakie
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User Info: Unknown Force

Unknown Force
3 years ago#3
Gen 1: Charmander
Gen 2: Cyndaquil
Gen 3: Torchic, Mudkip, Charmander
Gen 4: Piplup, Cyndaquil
Gen 5: Tepig, Oshawott
Gen 6: Fennekin
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User Info: emiingham

3 years ago#4
The fire type for every gen until 5, when I went with Oshawott because I didn't like Emboar. I was originally going to get Fennekin, but after seeing I can get Charmander I'm now getting Froakie :)
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User Info: PhotonRaine

3 years ago#5
I: Charmander
II: Totodile
III: Mudkip
IV: Turtwig
V: Snivy
and VI will be Fennekin

User Info: ChiefDamonGant

3 years ago#6
Gen I: Charmander, Pikachu
Gen II: Totodile, Chikorita
Gen III: Treecko, Squirtle (and Espeon&Umbreon and Eevee if you count the Gamecube games)
Gen IV: Piplup, Totodile
Gen V: Snivy, Tepig
Gen VI: Froakie & Charmander
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#7
Generation I - I chose Squirtle
Generation II - I chose Totodile
Generation III - I chose Treecko
Generation IV - I chose Turtwig
Generation V - I chose Oshawott

Generation VI - I will choose Chespin

User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

3 years ago#8
1. Squirtle
2. Cyndaquil
3. Treecko
4. Empoleon
5. Serperior

And Fennekin will make 2:2:2
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User Info: Mizu_765

3 years ago#9
I: Charmander
II: Totodile
III: Torchic
IV: Piplup
V: Snivy
VI: Fennekin, Charmander

User Info: vice_dragon

3 years ago#10
Gen1: Squirtle

Gen2: Totodile

Gen3: Treecko

Gen4: Chimchar

Gen5: Oshowatt

Gen6: Froakie
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