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Gen 5 starters..

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User Info: Diayamondo

3 years ago#1
They were pretty much useless in battling. Should be forgotten.

User Info: Rodimus_Prime

3 years ago#2
"Yeah, they're in the game. But if you don't buy them, you can't play as them. Why? Because F*** YOU GIVE ME MONEY!"-Angry Joe

User Info: finity17

3 years ago#3
Not to mention terribly ugly?

User Info: LastDayz93

3 years ago#4
Agreed. They were easily the worst set of starters of all time. the stat distributions are so stupid it's not even funny.

Why the **** did they give Serperior high defenses and speed? Emboar is a failed attept at a mighty glacier type pokemon. Samurott is a little too balanced stat wise to the point where it's just there and isn't really good at anything.
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