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When did you become a Pokemon Trainer?

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3 years ago#51
6 years old. I was young and Naive. Oh the good old days...
(for me, however, the good old days were in 2002 playing crystal)
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3 years ago#52
Strain42 posted...
I first played in 97, but I forget exactly when, so I was either 7 or 8

So you played the japanesse version at an age where you should still be learning your native language?

Respect to you.
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3 years ago#53
1999, I was a Youngster, with the sideways hat, crossed arms, sexy shorts and a smug look
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3 years ago#54
When I was 6.

But I started watching the anime when I was 3, so 3?

EDIT: I remember playing before I was 6, actually... I didn't start with the main series though, I started with the Mystery Dungeon games. I found a demo in Target and played so much of it. xD So I started at... 4. If you count the anime, then 3. :3
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3 years ago#55
InninXI posted...
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