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Your top 10 pokemon and a line sentence explanation of why

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User Info: SkySaber

3 years ago#21
1: Lucario - Favorite design. Fighting is my fav type, and the power of aura is cool.
2: Gallade -Dem blade arms, and overall great design.
3: Greninja - Ninjas are always cool, and the scarf concept is brilliant.
4: Scizor - Don't know. It's just badass.
5: Galvantula - An electric spider with a cool design? Yes please.
6: Aegislash - Has a unique typing, and the design is unique.
7: Reuniclus - It's adorable. I just like it overall.
8: Sandslash - It's kinda cute and cool at the same time.
9: Luxray - It's a menacing electric type. Nuff said
10: Yveltal - Words cannot explain how awesome Yveltal is.
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#22
Because I like them

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User Info: Otters11

3 years ago#23
1. Quilava - I absolutely love Quilava, I think its design is the perfect blend of cute and cool and I actually refuse to evolve it to Typhlosion sometimes because I want to keep it the way it is.
2. Swampert - I have a soft spot for him because I started with Gen 3 and I ran through the story multiple times with each the starter, but I felt like I really bonded with Swampy.
3. Lucario - Part of this is the influence from Smash Bros and the movie he was in. I like the whole Aura mythology (I preferred it when I thought Aura Sphere was his signature move). And I like his design and everything.
4. Ampharos - Ampharos is like a trusty soldier for me at this point. I've used him so many times that he's a staple of my party and he's one of the best electric types.
5. Salamence - Salamance was something I fell in love with in Gen 3 and I remember working hard to evolve a Bagon and everything. I really like the design and it doesn't hurt that Salamence is a powerhouse.
6. Gallade - Once again, love the design, some pretty cool moves, I like to stay in theme and give him slashing attacks~
7. Umbreon - I have never used Umbreon successfully except in competitive battling, but this has to be one of the best designs I have ever seen.
8. Honchkrow - THIS THING HAS SERVED ME SO WELL IN UU. Honch sweeper~
9. Hitmonchan - I like the Iron Fist ability + all elemental punches thing, It's not the most useful, but I love the strategy
10. Mamoswine - I really liked the Swinub line because Earth/Ice is a pretty cool combo (no pun intended) but mamoswine is a useful bugger and I think he's pretty awesome.


User Info: CrimsonCerberus

3 years ago#24
Pikachu, Eevee, Umbreon, Galvantula, Tirtouga, Cyndaquil, Turtwig, Vulpix, Ditto, and Fennekin? Off the top of my head.

I just need one line that explains most of my choices: They remind me of my dog.
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