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Froakie or chespin

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User Info: Dro585

3 years ago#1
Both of these pokemon are f***in awesome!!!! I'm so torn bro bros I mean one turns into a f***in ninja frog (ninja!!!!!!)who's super fast and has an awesome typing. The other is a giant hulking spiked shelled wrecking machine who doesn't take any s**t. This will be one of the hardest starter picks I've ever made. Btw I like the fox too just not for me.

User Info: hyperdimeduck

3 years ago#2
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User Info: scitch1

3 years ago#3
use what YOU LIKE

use you're own mind

User Info: ArabianPenguins

3 years ago#4
Why not choose one starter and then trade for the other starter :)?
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User Info: Awesomeone69

3 years ago#5
scitch1 posted...
use what YOU LIKE

use you're own mind
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