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Chespin or Froakie? The decision of the year.

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3 years ago#31
uuurrrggh posted...
According to a leak, you get the 1st stage of whatever starter you're strong against after the E4.

Really, now? That's awesome.
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3 years ago#32
Chespin/squirt/and event torchic ability is to awesome to pass up
3 years ago#33



I like blaziken.

Other 3 are up in the air.
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3 years ago#34
What about fennekin? I like him/her :)
3 years ago#35
TC you sound like a 8 year old, grow up and wash your face.
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3 years ago#36
It's your own fault if you're taking me that seriously.
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3 years ago#37
Check my sig.
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3 years ago#38
I don't like greninjas base stats though >_<
3 years ago#39
ThunderPotato posted...
Dragonball9899 posted...

Chespin doesn't deserve any love.

But Chesnaught > Delphox

Kind of like how everything > Delphox.

Oh this is a worse pokemon contest. OK
3 years ago#40
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