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Trick or Treat sounds fascinating

#1scraadinPosted 10/8/2013 2:35:15 PM
So, I've heard of a new Ghost type attack called Trick or Treat. It's like Soak. It changes the enemy type to Ghost.

This sounds a lot more useful than Soak, though. Where Soak would change an enemy into a type resistant to your attacks, Trick or Treat, which is almost certainly a Ghost exclusive move, means an enemy becomes weak to your STAB.

You also rob an enemy of STAB at the same time, as well as any other weaknesses, resistances, and immunities they'd normally have.

If it's real, it's a very useful support move, and every Ghost that can get it should not be without it.

So, could I get some confirmation?
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#2MM125Posted 10/8/2013 2:37:04 PM

Also, it's not quite clear if it robs your opponent of STAB. It says "add," while Soak says "change." So it's possible this move can make triple-typed Pokémon.
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#3Marcx629Posted 10/8/2013 2:44:05 PM
It'll be interesting to see what strategies people come up with for this in doubles.

There's so many Pokemon I want to use in this game haha.
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#4scraadin(Topic Creator)Posted 10/8/2013 2:48:19 PM
Ah! Thanks!

Hmm. That does raise a lot of questions, and bears experimentation. At the very least, it would allow the addition of Ghost's weaknesses to a foe, and Ghost's resistances and immunities to an ally.
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#5LenohPosted 10/8/2013 2:50:21 PM
Using Trick Or Treat on a Curselax would be lulztastic
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#6scraadin(Topic Creator)Posted 10/8/2013 3:10:32 PM
Unfortunately, it would probably be immune.
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#7Kromlech06Posted 10/8/2013 3:12:39 PM(edited)
Yea robbing something of curse buffs sounds Hamazing.

Edit: Normal is not immune to Ghost status attacks, not that we're aware of.
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#8NeonDragon9000Posted 10/8/2013 3:16:57 PM
This might be the only way we'll ever get Normal/Ghost.

But it sure sounds like tri-types would happen. Could be useful if given to a Dark-type, giving it Fighting immunity.
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