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One of the funnier ragequits I've seen

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User Info: SalsaSavant

3 years ago#1
Apparently, I need to dier in f****** hellfire.

What does dier mean?
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User Info: Kromlech06

3 years ago#2
That's what rematches are for...?
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

3 years ago#3
Why was Jynx immune to Scald?
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User Info: Ephraim225

3 years ago#4
That site looks radical.

Also, I'd probably ragequit too if I lost to a team with Alomomola :O Nice playing there though XD
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User Info: Arne83

3 years ago#5
SalsaSavant posted...
What does dier mean?

I dunno... I think it might be German.
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User Info: henriue

3 years ago#6
Dang, Pokémon finally became CoD
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#7
CrystalKing5426 posted...
Why was Jynx immune to Scald?

It had Dry Skin.
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User Info: EnzanChaud

3 years ago#8
That was great.

User Info: Roc_Raida

3 years ago#9
From: CrystalKing5426 | #003
Why was Jynx immune to Scald?

Umm, Dry Skin?
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User Info: PHATJER

3 years ago#10
Hahahaha, If that was you, great job with that Liepard.

oh and it's surely a typo. dier -> die
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