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YR: Nintendo releases FR/LG on the eShop with PokeBank compatibility.

#1waddictPosted 10/8/2013 5:34:32 PM
What would you do?
Of course, assuming it is priced fairly.
I'm guessing what, 10-15 dollars?
Also, the Ruby and Sapphire stones aren't for trading with Ruby and Sapphire, they're for X and Y.
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#2OhHeyltsYouPosted 10/8/2013 5:36:07 PM
I would pay for it, if I didn't already transfer the FR Pokemon I wanted to Black 2.
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#3SPDShadowRangerPosted 10/8/2013 5:49:35 PM
Won't buy it until my FR GBA cartridge goes bad.
#4NeonDragon9000Posted 10/8/2013 5:49:55 PM
I'd rather RSE since those actually can suffer from dry internal batteries.
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#5giants9281Posted 10/8/2013 5:50:20 PM
I'd buy that quick
#6DoctorPain99Posted 10/8/2013 5:50:26 PM
I'd rather RSE because those games don't suck.
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#7AlbinoCrocodilePosted 10/8/2013 5:50:47 PM
I couldn't care less.
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#8DarththeoPosted 10/8/2013 5:50:55 PM
I'd get them.

Just because I don't have my GBA games anymore ... they were stolen with my DS Lite and all my DS games a while back.
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#9CakeOfLiesPosted 10/8/2013 5:51:04 PM
I'd buy if it had the physical/special split.

If it was the original with PokeBank compatibility, then it just needs to be the way it always was. Glitches and all. xDDDDD
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#10ecylisPosted 10/8/2013 5:51:22 PM
DoctorPain99 posted...
I'd rather RSE because those games don't suck.

Wow your opinions are completely wrong