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A Pokemon has a bounty against you

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2 years ago#221

How would a Sunkern kill me?
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2 years ago#222

Hmm, anything that projects water would help. Man the firehoses!
Toph: Why? You think I can't put up posters on my own? *glues a poster with the picture to the wall*
Toph: It's upside-down, isn't it?
2 years ago#223
just a gligar, any firearm should do the trick
2 years ago#224
Ralts? Bah. I can kick the crap outta that one.
2 years ago#225
Good bye.
Slow down, buddy! Just because people can read it doesn't mean it isn't crap!
2 years ago#226

this will be easy. can of lynx and a lighter and im fine
2 years ago#227

They may be slow but they are psychic after all. If it didn't get taken out quick I think I would be screwed.
2 years ago#228
Xatu. I'm not sure. Seems easy but...can't it see the future or something?
2 years ago#229
Woobat. Like I needed an excuse to never go in a cave again!
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2 years ago#230

And because of personal reasons... I'd be screwed...
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