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Game Mascot

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User Info: iiFroZenHeAveNz

3 years ago#1
I feel like as the generations go by, I have been using the mascot of the game less and less. I think the last time I used the mascot on my team during the story play-through was Dialga in Diamond. Even then, I rarely used it and just admired its existence in my box. I mean I do like them but I feel like they are too holy or something to be placed along "ordinary" Pokemon.

When was the last time you guys have used the mascot of your game?
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User Info: Xrosplusxros

3 years ago#2
Mascots tend to be not that great I use them a lot though.

User Info: beebarb

3 years ago#3
You have your terms confused.

Game or Series Mascot ALWAYS refers to Pikachu

Cover Legendary or Cover Legend refers to the Pokemon on the Box (with the exception of R/G/B/Y/FR/LG where the terms Box or Cover Starter are appropriate)

Anyway, I use the Cover Legendary when it is appropriate.
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