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Will you active your Pokemon's Mega Evolution in-game?

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User Info: legitgamer405

3 years ago#1
Will you active your Pokemon's Mega Evolution in-game? - Results (97 votes)
I will have Pokemon on my in-game team with Mega Evolutions, so yes.
63.92% (62 votes)
I will have Pokemon on my in-game team with Mega Evolutions, but no.
3.09% (3 votes)
The Pokemon I'm using don't have Mega Evolutions, so no.
10.31% (10 votes)
I don't know my team yet, so maybe.
15.46% (15 votes)
I won't be having a set team, so maybe.
1.03% (1 votes)
I can't decide yet.
2.06% (2 votes)
4.12% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just curious. I can't decide if I'll be using Mega Evolutions or not, but most likely.
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User Info: Gsus_94

3 years ago#2
I intend to use this new mechanic even if it makes battles easy because it just looks really fun.
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User Info: Long_Bottom

3 years ago#3
Yes, because I've wanted a Mawile evolution for years and this is the closest I'll get.
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User Info: erekwashere15

3 years ago#4
None of the Pokemon in my final team have a Mega Evolution, so no.
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User Info: yoshirpg

3 years ago#5
I don't remember who in gamefreak said that the stats of mega pokemon are elevated to those of legendary pokemon. For that reason I might not use them. If I check their official stats and only one or two stats are OP, then maybe I'll use them.
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User Info: GespenstKAF

3 years ago#6
My Ampharos will tear across the battle field with a thick wild mane.
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User Info: heyitsthatguy11

3 years ago#7
I just hope there are actually hard enough that Mega Evolving might not make things super easy. I don't expect such a challenge from the Elite 4.
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User Info: Sid_Starkiller

3 years ago#8
My in-game team is all new guys, so no. I have an RP team with an Ampharos, but if Mega Stones are one-time use, I won't use it.

Do we actually know that yet?
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User Info: Rayze_Darr

3 years ago#9
I was going to use 6 completely new Mons, but while prototyping my team, I started to feel weird that I was excluding such a drastic new mechanic from my team.

So, yes, I will be using a Mega Pokemon, Mega Aerodactyl, as well as 5 new Gen VI Mons.
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User Info: Ac3777

3 years ago#10
Hell Yeah, my Mega Charizard X is gonna wreck everybody ingame. :}
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