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Never played a Pokemon game...

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3 years ago#11
henriue posted...
Perhaps you should take a look at some reviews.

I love pokémon because it is one of the last good turn based RPGs, the mechanics are more than solid, but plot is not its forte. And I warn you this is highly addictive

I'd like to jump in here instead of starting a new thread. I'm pretty much exactly like TC. Know nothing of Pokemon, am 30 years old, and love JRPGs. I love games with strong progression and that feeling of addiction to keep me wanting to grind.

New skills/weapons/abilities encourage me more than stat grinding.

I don't know if I will like this and I have read a ton of reviews. The reviews mostly seem to talk about how things are different from previous iterations and that makes no sense to me. EV things and evolution changes and training and I don't get it.

SO... Anybody got any further advice? I also have a friend at work *(work in a tech office) who seems to be into this. Is the multiplayer aspect strong and addicting?

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#12
WOW this board moves fast.. maybe that answers my question

Bump, still (see above.)
3 years ago#13
Bump again!
3 years ago#14
last bumping attempt :(
3 years ago#15
Search this stuff in Bulbapedia, it explain everything thoroughly and simply.

I learned it all there : )
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