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FC exchange please

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User Info: ShadowElite86

3 years ago#21
Friend code below, I'll add everyone in the topic thus far.
DS FC: 2366-8203-3193
3DS FC: 2938-6382-9396

User Info: FreddySavage3

3 years ago#22
ok added everybpdy above me sp far so make sure yall add me back
That moment when you drop the bowl.

User Info: flashfactor7

3 years ago#23
Getting both version as well.

Added all you guys

FC: 3222-6905-3035
PSN, Youtube & - flashfactor7
Waiting On: Dragon's Crown and Tales of Xillia!

User Info: crimsonlight0

3 years ago#24
FC : 4940-6256-5985

Getting both
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