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Friend Codes?!

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User Info: adamolden

3 years ago#31
Add me as well guys. Pokemon x

User Info: Eradan123

3 years ago#32
Add me and PM me if you haven't already
Friend Code: 2595-0789-3988

User Info: selenity136

3 years ago#33
Please add me!

5000 - 1789 - 5857

User Info: Mana Naito

Mana Naito
3 years ago#34
Added everyone (up to post 33)
5172 0420 2755
[SPEED UP] - [MISSILE] - [DOUBLE] - [LASER] - [OPTION] - [?] - [!]

User Info: hardice

3 years ago#35
add me too 4554-0345-0102
Name Icezone, Part of Gamefaqs Community.
nintendo 3ds code:4554-0345-0102

User Info: Camden

3 years ago#36
Added you. FC in sig.
3DS FC: 3625-8477-0862. PM me if you add me.
Welcome to the league of RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYTAN!
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