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FC exchange redux

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3 years ago#1
Hey everyone looking for more friends for trades and battles! FC is 5472-6680-4569. I have lots of female starters and fossils ill be breeding eventually as well. Add me. Based out of Boston, MA. 25/M.
3 years ago#2
okay added, pm for those who add me too
~> GUESS this videogame character: carries fake swords and has many arms.
3DS Friend Code: 5429-7504-8244
3 years ago#3
4983-5769-2201uk user J.C.
3 years ago#4
19 f cali.
3 years ago#5
jcarl1990 posted...
4983-5769-2201uk user J.C.

My bad 23 m London will add when I'm next online
3 years ago#6
Added jcarl and AM.
3 years ago#7
Bump! Thanks!
3 years ago#8
fc see signature
3ds FC: 2466-1329-4523
3 years ago#9
Adding you.
3DS FC: 1306 - 5472 - 1946
3 years ago#10
1950-7954-1515 hit me up.
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