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How can I evolve my scyther?

#1Risingstar7Posted 10/13/2013 5:44:00 PM
I have a scyther holding metal coat and I know I need to know how I can evolve it. I don't know anyone else with Pokemon x or y and I don't wanna wait it out until the Pokemon bank release. Anyone know how I can evolve it?
#2Super SlashPosted 10/13/2013 5:45:16 PM
Have someone from this board help you by trading it.

I would help you out but I don't really feel like it at the moment lol
#3Redsceptile321Posted 10/13/2013 5:46:05 PM
Ehhhh I'll help you out I'm not really doing much
Red nd Si 4evah!
#4EnlinoPosted 10/13/2013 5:46:42 PM
I know in previous games you could offer the pokemon on GTS (generally for something impossible so no one takes it) and then complete a trade with someone else, and the pokemon would evolve once you took it off. No idea if that works here, but you could give it a shot.
#5elmata316Posted 10/13/2013 5:46:58 PM
Still have a sycther. Looking for a female one