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Best thing you've got/sent in Wondertrade?

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User Info: Royal_Rain

3 years ago#41
I've sent about 5 starters I've bred so far just to be nice but haven't gotten anything good at all xD

User Info: AAngelMichael

3 years ago#42
Sent? Nothing great to be honest. A Skiddo named Skidmark? Hm. I'll pump out some Fennekins after I nab a Ditto.

Got would probably be a Gible.
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User Info: Burnalivetolive

3 years ago#43
Someone just sent me a japanese ditto ... i feel bad for only sending a caterpie. I was just clearing my box of duplicates :/
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User Info: Nakkaru

3 years ago#44
I just got a Luvdisc named I<3U.

That made me happy.
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User Info: sharinganlucari

3 years ago#45
just got a goomy
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User Info: TheXReturns

3 years ago#46
Traded a Trevenant (level 49), got a Charmander (level 15).
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