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FT: Beldum Eggs

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3 years ago#1
Just caught a Metang and will be breeding Beldum for you lovely folk. Post your offers please. I already have all the starters.
FC: 4141 2862 1694
3 years ago#2
Need a Eevee?
3ds fc- 2105-8829-4407 George from Geovill
3 years ago#3
I'll trade a Gible
"Time never waits. It delivers all equally to the same end."
3DS: 3437-3085-0365
3 years ago#4
need a kanto starter?
3DS FC: 2079-7184-6866
Black FC: 2451 5933 0679
3 years ago#5
Need a Noibat or Dratini?
3 years ago#6
If u get a jolly beldum let me know please
3DS FC- 2208-5630-3450
3 years ago#7
I need a Dratini, I'm still in the breeding process it may take a few minutes
FC: 4141 2862 1694
3 years ago#8
Need a ditto?
3 years ago#9
what nature is your ditto mate?
FC: 4141 2862 1694
3 years ago#10
I got a hasty nature and a rash nature. Is that fine or should I get more?
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