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Pokemon :Friend Codes

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User Info: gamecreator1

3 years ago#11
Thats it?
Its not Luck its skill. PSN:jay_hawk127

User Info: ger2013

3 years ago#12
Added yours gamecreator1.

My FC: 1504 7125 6717.

User Info: Shadow24_2006

3 years ago#13
Hi guys, add me and pm me when u have done it. Thx!
3DS FC: 1461-7336-0430

User Info: shajiby

3 years ago#14
5155 2937 2814
XBL/PSN - shajiby

User Info: jac3r

3 years ago#15
Jacer - 2509-1586-8140

Do PM me with your friend code so i can add you back 100% guaranteed.
Happy Hunting!
PSN: recaJ 3DS: 2509-1586-8140
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

User Info: aaronlu

3 years ago#16
Adding all.
FC is in signature.
Add me on Pokemon please.
FC 3325-2600-7522

User Info: PhanumXfiniti

3 years ago#17
Add me friend code on my sig, would be happy to be friends pm me if you added me and I'll add you back
Add me FC 4398-8667-3395

User Info: AFshinigami

3 years ago#18
Add me FC: 1993 - 7239 - 6816
I already added your FC

User Info: Mega-Tyranitar

3 years ago#19
Adding all of u above so add me.pls
Currently Playing:Rune Factory 4,Disgaea D2 and FFXIV.
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