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when does Aegislash learn Kings shield?

#1MrprowleyPosted 10/13/2013 8:57:47 PM
topic and also where u find heart scales?
#2Mrprowley(Topic Creator)Posted 10/13/2013 9:02:50 PM
#3link_15Posted 10/14/2013 3:42:56 AM
Heartscale @move relearner.
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#4Slayerblade11Posted 10/14/2013 3:44:30 AM
Wild Luvdisc have a 50% chance of holding them and sometimes you get them from rock smash.
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#5mootheadPosted 10/14/2013 3:46:29 AM
Found Luvdisc by fishing with the Old Rod on the beach just after the second gym city. There's also a Heartscale hidden on the beach that you can find with the Dowsing Machine.
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