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adding friends

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3 years ago#1
how do i do it?

i cant find my FC in the game, and dont know where to register other peoples... so how does this work exactly?
3 years ago#2

dis fast board
3 years ago#3
Unlike Black/White it's not in the game, it's on the 3DS. At the main menu, there should be this random square smiley face. (First you need to get a Mii to get your own FC/to access this properly - the Mii program should already by on your system).

Click the smiley, add a FC, make sure they add yours and BAM.
3 years ago#4
want to make a friend? my fc is 1848-1760-3635
3 years ago#5
oh so it works through the system itself?

then how do i get them to appear in-game?
3 years ago#6
Your FC is now universal with all your games as opposed to separate ones in the past. You can access it (whether it is to get your FC and/or add friends) through the smiley face icon on your home screen.
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3 years ago#7
sry double post but sure gio!

my FC is 4983-5037-2854
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