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FC exchange!!

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User Info: hawaiian_pride

3 years ago#11
add me please, I'll add everyone too
3ds FC: 2466-1329-4523

User Info: rimur

3 years ago#12
Rimur FC:2208-5366-5763

User Info: Rohai27

3 years ago#13

I'll add everyone when I get home from work.

User Info: iDemigod

3 years ago#14
Add me. FC is in signature. :)
3DS FC: 4536 0212 3201
White 2 FC: 4299 4672 0183

User Info: czerche

3 years ago#15
I'll add everyone above me
3ds : 4699 6253 5618 (DINO)
currently playing animal crossing: new leaf and pokemon soul silver

User Info: hawaiian_pride

3 years ago#16
Demi .. your fc code is invalid
3ds FC: 2466-1329-4523

User Info: aDarkShine

3 years ago#17
Added TC. Everyone add me but PM me your FC!
"Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting."
Pokemon X/Y FC: 2723-9641-9670 (PM me if you add me, I'll add back)

User Info: fuzz257

3 years ago#18
Hey, adding everyone, add me too please!

FC: 3007 - 9036 - 7648
FC: 1164 0553 9582

User Info: Nevets01

3 years ago#19
Hey guys, add me too please, I'll start doing the same :) 4167 - 4783 - 2027
"They all either have government jobs or rogue, noncommissioned jobs such as 'free taxi.'"
-Cap'n Squidhead on the subject of chocobo communism

User Info: corocool

3 years ago#20


I'l add too
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