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Safari Friend Codes

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User Info: B33lzebub

3 years ago#1
ill add all of you 2191-8082-8406
FC 2191-8082-8406

User Info: DjRacc

3 years ago#2
add me!

I will add anyone else who posts in this topic too :D
Xbox Live GT: Leaf Ninja Colt / 3DS FC: 2122-6276-1009

User Info: Fatal_O

3 years ago#3
Adding, FC in sig.

Edit: Wow your FC gave me Charmeleon and Growlithe. Thats pretty amazing.
3DS FC: 3437-3296-6788

User Info: The6thSuvivor

3 years ago#4
Sure, I'll add ya.
Ha ha ha! Magneto! Welcome to die!
3DS FC: 0860 - 4443 - 4869

User Info: B33lzebub

3 years ago#5
ok nice :)
FC 2191-8082-8406

User Info: Jsnrockie

3 years ago#6
add me!

FC: 4570-7290-2789
I know exactly what i think i'm saying!
GT: Jsnrockie1

User Info: D_mac9

3 years ago#7
Adding every poster above me, my FC ic 1134-7457-1617. If you post after me PM me your FC.

User Info: Noodles720

3 years ago#8
Adding every above poster, anyone below me PM me if you add me

FC: 2277 - 6636 - 6863
XBL: Noodles720
Twitch: Noodles720

User Info: wertystars

3 years ago#9
mine is 3437-3680-7664

User Info: Rohai27

3 years ago#10

I'll add everyone on this thread when I get home from work
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