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Wonder Battle

#1PocketkoiPosted 10/14/2013 3:33:53 PM
With the advent of wonder trading, my friends and I have been having what we call wonder battles. Basically you wonder trade 6 times and create a team from those pokemon without any training, tms, or items. It's a lot of fun seeing what kind of team you end up building, and is a fun casual way to compete with your friends. Try it out!
#2POPSHU_FRUITCHUPosted 10/14/2013 3:38:37 PM
Weedle, Caterpie, Caterpie, Simipour, Caterpie, Hippowdon...damn it.
#3Pocketkoi(Topic Creator)Posted 10/14/2013 4:32:15 PM
That's the beauty of the mode. If you're interested in less randomness/mundane choices, just allow for 12 wonder trades instead.