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How to mega evolve pokemon?

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3 years ago#1
How do you mega evolve Pokemon?
3 years ago#2
click the mega evolve button when before selecting a move.
3 years ago#3
What does that suppose to mean can you give me a full explanation please?
3 years ago#4
I'm at the second gym badge only I don't a thing about mega evolutions, would greatly appreciated it if someone knows how to mega evolve thanks.
3 years ago#5
the games shows you how to do it when its unlocked, keep playing
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3 years ago#6
Just keep playing the game. The whole point of the story is to discover Mega Evolutions.
3 years ago#7
You can't do so before beating gym 3 and doing the Tower of Mastery thing.
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3 years ago#8
step one make the pokemon hold its species megastone ie Charardnite to Charizard
step two- push the mega evolution where your moves are in battle
step 3- select an attack
step 4- win
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