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Add me, Friend Safari! Code Exchange!

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3 years ago#1
Friend Code: 2208-5195-4806
3 years ago#2
FC in sig
PSN: UmaiCake || 3DS FC: 2079-6748-0153
3 years ago#3
done :)
3 years ago#4
I lack of Water, Fairy, Dragon, Fire and Bug (With scyther in it)

I need someone with one of those Safari and i would seriously love the help. For the Water one i'm looking for Wartortle and Bug i'm looking for Scythers The other Safari's can have anything as long it has cool Pokemons or with whatever really.

If anyone has one of these, please PM me so i can add you.
PSN: Tofuman2021
3DS Friend code: 5000-2002-8067
3 years ago#5
added fc in sig
Psn: DarkChii (Don't send me a FR unless i tell you to!!!!!)
PKMN Y Friend code: 4639-9129-9327 Trainer Name: Aerith
3 years ago#6
added op

Add me
Iíll be online right now so u can get dream world ability
Plz feel free to pm. I will add anyone
3 years ago#7
Adding people in here. FC is 2036-7487-8888
3 years ago#8
Added all of you :D
3 years ago#9
Mine is 3652-1775-0199, send a PM if you add me in case I accidentally skipped you.
3 years ago#10
fc in sig

everyone else, feel free to msg me your fc to add
3ds FC ; 0361 6870 2968
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