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ok im at the eight gym and i have to get the gym leader back to his gym...

#1KyubikenhonohPosted 10/16/2013 7:14:13 PM
OK I'm at the Eighth badge, I just got to snowbell city, I some how missed rock smash, so I don't have it or know where to get it. what im really after is a png map of winding forest its really hard to navigate in there and I don't know here the gym leader went. I have assembled a freaky power team.

And my team is:
Delphox lv 70(psychic/fire) everyone says he sucks because of not having 1 of 2 moves but he rocks!
Gogoat(grass type)
Sylveon(fairy)<----SPatt+SPdef type so its a beastly special tank/Special nuker.
Xerneas(fairy)<---gonna replace with gyarados but very good moveset and stats otherwise.

This team is quite strong I mean my gogoat is tough enough to tank a fire blast and counter with surf, earthquake, aerial ace or leaf blade. Plowed through venusaur blastoise and charizard. even plowed through a gyarados in mega form with it. I kid you not.

But yeah im kinda lost and dunno where to go to avoid a dead end...