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Guide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs

#331Terotrous(Topic Creator)Posted 10/24/2013 7:57:48 AM
I think I'm actually going to make yet another revision to this topic. Enough new information has come out that it could stand to be organized a bit better.
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#332ineeddrugzPosted 10/24/2013 8:19:56 AM
Hey tero, I've narrowed down the process to two mons with five perfect IVs, missing one IV for each though (def for one, sp atk the other). Just keep getting eggs and hope for the best? Or is there another method for getting a flawless torchic?
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#333ZernellPosted 10/24/2013 8:43:53 AM
I need some help here. This is actually my first time breeding for perfect IV pokemon and I'm striving for a 5 IV Jolly Gible with HA and the Outrage Egg move.

I currently have a Ditto (31/x/31/x/x/31) holding the Destiny Knot and a female Jolly Gible (HA x/31/31/31/31/x) holding an Everstone in the daycare but I just realized I forgot to include the Outrage Egg move in the process from the beginning.

What would be the most efficient or fastest method to go on about getting Outrage on my babies without having to start all over from the beginning?
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