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How do you get the third pokemon to show up in friend safari?

#1johnnyboy24Posted 10/18/2013 9:31:48 PM
Are they just really rare. I keep running into the same 2 pokemon
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#2xtdg134Posted 10/18/2013 9:32:50 PM
You double checked to make sure the Safari actually had 3? Some of them only have 2. If it has 3 and you're still having problems, you might just be unlucky, or the third is something vaguely rare.
#3YoyokuKOPosted 10/18/2013 9:32:58 PM
i think its tied to the e4.
#4hikaruomegaPosted 10/18/2013 9:34:09 PM
Your friend has to have cleared the Elite 4 and be online with you at one point so that his or her in-game avatar shows up instead of a silhouette with a ? in it.
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#5johnnyboy24(Topic Creator)Posted 10/18/2013 9:34:23 PM
Im on someones ditto safari and havent run into a ditto in like 10 encounters at least. Ive also beaten the e4 at least 10 times
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#6MagmastaPosted 10/18/2013 9:36:31 PM
They need to beat the E4 and you have to be online in the game at the same time they are.

The third pokeball will appear and stay there than you won't have to worry bout being online the same time again.
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#7johnnyboy24(Topic Creator)Posted 10/18/2013 9:39:06 PM
Oh ok ill try getting that to work thanks
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