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In-Game Trades have Perfect IVs? (SPOILERS!)

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3 years ago#1
I've been curious about this for quite a while. Either my friend is extremely lucky, or this Ralts you get at the end game is exceptionally powerful. Looking at Mega-Gardevoir (It essentially has Choice Specs, Assault Armor, and Choice Scarf on it for no drawbacks what so ever), it seems to have a lot of what makes an OU in competitive play now and days. Sure, it doesn't have as much speed as Choice-Specs Gengar, but it has enough Sp. Defense to survive a strong attack from Mega-Gengar and return it with a Stab Psychic to hurt it.

However, thats getting aside the point, what I'm getting at is that my friend who got that in-game trade Ralts, apparently it always has Modest Nature? And when he was checking his IV's with the IV calculator to see if he would use his current Ralts or use the Ralts he got with Gardevoirite, apparently the in-game trade Ralts had 31 IVs IN EVERY STAT!

Was that a fluke, or does EVERY Ralts someone gets from that Girl post-game have 31 IV's?

Also: Does the Hiker who trades you a "Super Special" Magikarp for your Gyarados also have perfect IVs (Six 31 Stats)? What about the Eevee you get from a Maid? Do all trade pokemon have perfect IV's? or just specific ones?
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3 years ago#2
Possibly a fluke. I know the early Farfetch and Steelix I think have some Perfect IVs, but not perfect IVs across the board.
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3 years ago#3
My Ralts had Modest nature and I think perfect IVs in 3 stats, so while some are set, you probably just got lucky with the rest.
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3 years ago#4
well, my friend was the one who got lucky sadly, I'm not able to play this game until I buy a 2DS or 3DS or find a way to convince my sister of letting me play her 3DS lol.

So it was only a fluke? How do you tell or not?

And is it worth trading a Gyrados for Magikarp? Or is this Mt. Moon all over again?
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  3. In-Game Trades have Perfect IVs? (SPOILERS!)

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