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Anyone else think it's kind of weird to play with Yveltal in Pokemon Amie?

#1DoctorPiranha3Posted 10/19/2013 12:25:04 AM
I mean, you're getting all friendly with the grim reaper of Pokemon. >_>
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#2RawrchuPosted 10/19/2013 12:27:32 AM
To reference someone's hilarious post on here I read

He likes the pink yumyums you feed him
#3RedShadowwwPosted 10/19/2013 12:29:14 AM
haha that was my exact thought when I tried out amie with yveltal.
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#4cuttingedge4321Posted 10/19/2013 12:30:55 AM
but the harbinger of death is just oh so adorable~

and your bff (or until he saps the life out of you to fuel his cocoon anyway)
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#5DiurnalPosted 10/19/2013 12:35:34 AM
I found Braixen weird..... Reminds me of a teenage girl >_>
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#6the_NGWPosted 10/19/2013 12:41:37 AM
Diurnal posted...
I found Braixen weird..... Reminds me of a teenage girl >_>

A very sexy teenage girl.

I had so much fun playing with her.
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