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How to get Vivillon, Savannah Form?

#1rojsePosted 10/19/2013 5:29:43 AM
I'm currently trying to edit my user settings on a 3DS so that I can get a Savannah form of Vivillon. However, the places where I can get Savannah form (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uraguay) are not available on my 3DS. What can I do to fix this, so that I can get this Vivillon form?
#2Syd_CBPosted 10/19/2013 1:55:25 PM
Pictures of Vivillon patterns and world map graphic and detailed sortable/filterable spreadsheet(under "List of Locations"):

If you can't set your 3DS to any of the required regions, the only thing left to do is find someone who has either the Savannah Vivillon or a Scatterbug captured in the proper region and is willing to trade.

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#3djayk85Posted 10/19/2013 1:56:40 PM
If you don't have the region you can't do it.

Btw it only works on new games changing the region
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#4rojse(Topic Creator)Posted 10/20/2013 1:48:46 AM
I've been playing around with the regions on a second 3DS, and it appears that European 3DSs won't allow you to choose any South American region, which is the only part of the world which will let you get a Savanna Vivillon. Very, very disappointed.

If anyone has Savanna Vivillon in their game, I'd be more than willing to give them whatever Vivillon forms they are missing from their game in exchange, because its the only Vivillon form that I'm missing.
#5QeuzaqotlPosted 10/20/2013 1:51:07 AM
I have Savannah. Do you have ocean or monsoon?
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#6rojse(Topic Creator)Posted 10/20/2013 1:54:31 AM
Yes, I do, and would be willing to give you both for the Savanna one.

I've sent you a PM about it.