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You know, Pokemon games seem to have a little of everything

#113121987Posted 10/19/2013 8:18:55 AM
1. RPG Story and Villains (Checked)
2. Monster Catching (Normal and Rare (Shinies); Checked)
3. Monster Raising (Checked)
4. Monster Customization (Breeding/MovesIVs/EVs; Checked)
5. Social Interaction (Checked)
6. Farming (Berries;As of Generation 6, removing weeds and chasing off bugs too; Checked)
7. Fishing (Checked)
8. Minigames (Slots, Voltorb Flips; Checked)
9. Secondary goal (Battle Frontier;Contests; Checked)
10. Character Customization (As of Generation 6; you can freaking cut your HAIR!!!; Checked)

Seriously, Pokémon is a decent bit of everything good combined together.
#2lavos24551hPosted 10/19/2013 8:43:40 AM
pokemon has had most of those elements since gen 1 hence its comparable to stuff like traditional turn-based RPGs like the Final Fantasy games, but rather than having story characters fight, its the Random Encounter Monsters that you use in place

but it still has a story with good/bad factions

stilll has random encounter systems

still has the primary function of turn-based RPG combat

and has an equivalent to a Party System and Leveling/EXP

so even since the original red/blue/yellow its had all the makings of a traditional turn-based RPG game but having all the primary features, you can even say it has its own form of things like classic RPG Treasure Chests in the Item-Balls that lie scattered around the game world
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