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Yvltal Iv

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3 years ago#1
Can anyone calculate my yveltal Iv?
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3 years ago#2
Depends on EVs
3 years ago#3
No ev's Ive reset them
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3 years ago#4
There's a lady in the post game town that will tell you what the highest IVs are. It would have been much easier to calculate when you caught it.
3 years ago#5
It's from a trade.I's Adamant BTW
3ds FC
3 years ago#6
Use this IV calculator and fill out as much information as you can:

You can find out the Hidden Power type by talking to a certain person in Anistar City.
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3 years ago#7
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3 years ago#8
It has 31 ivs in 3 stats no matter what. Check in the post game town(in the pokecenter, the purple person) and you will find out those 3 stats.
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