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Fastest way to gain friendship/get slyveon

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User Info: toothpiq

3 years ago#1
1: catch with a luxury ball (can be purchased at poke ball shop in lumiose city) and catch the pokemon you want to boost friendship with

2: go in to super training and see if you have any jumping pokemon, if you do, keep tapping the happy face speech bubble until you get a pink bag. (it's called the friendship bag I think) you'll need anywhere from 5-10 bags

3: you don't need all 5 hearts in poke amie, mine evolved at around 2-3
just feed him gots of the best puffs ( ones with moons or chocolate on them, pet them until you can't get hearts, then go into any mini game in hard mode. complete it and then rinse and repeat.

4: give the pokemon a soothe bell to hold as this will boost friendship as well

these are all the tips I have, and I can guarantee you it's faster than getting 5 hearts just by doing mini games

also, each pokemon will vary in times. some will evolve really quick, some might take a little longer.
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User Info: Pencil

3 years ago#2
You just do Pokemon Amie until the Affection is to 3. No friendship needed o.o
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User Info: Xerorin

3 years ago#3
Don't need Friendship at all. It's all Affection. Maxing Friendship means you risk getting Espeon or Umbreon instead of Sylveon.
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