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Good Zygarde?

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User Info: BobbyGoticks

3 years ago#1
Zygarde lvl 70
None (X)
HP: 30 - 31
Att: 26 - 27
Def: 4 - 5
SpA: 31
SpD: 16 - 17
Speed: 30 - 31
"You'll need an $800 gpu to get anything above mid graphics on pc." -knightimex

User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#2
BobbyGoticks posted...
Zygarde lvl 70

I was once modded for illegal activity because I made a topic asking for advice on nicknaming my Pokemon.
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User Info: Pikassassin

3 years ago#3
No. Go for Adamant.
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