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The Official Kalos Fishing Guide to Shiny Pokemon

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User Info: TheResidentEvil

3 years ago#491
Something up today. I cant even get a chain over 10 and im fishing the same spots i always fish. Maybe there is a luck factor based on day?
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User Info: Liquizor

3 years ago#492
Ive been chaining for about 1h 20m now. no luck for me i guess -_-
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User Info: 10N31Y80Y

3 years ago#493
Reeled in 3 shinies so far :D

Octillery (In Azure Bay, chain of 25)
Relicanth (Cyllage City, chain of 31)
Poliwhirl (Victory Road, chain of 7 (!!) )

Currently gonna try for Carvanha and Gyarados next :D

User Info: bandit_wolf

3 years ago#494
Hit 111 and messed up.
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User Info: sheathtalondar

3 years ago#495
I just did this in the spot by ambrette and got a shiny Horsea in a chain of 4
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

3 years ago#496
Thanks for the guide! I found a shiny relicanth with this! Can't remember the streak.
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User Info: Takaoldaria

3 years ago#497
Thanks to that method, I found a Shiny Red-Striped Basculin after a streak of 16 Pokémon fished, being the 17th. (I do find that number rather low.. what is a "shiny streak"'s usual length?)

Too bad that moron Took Down itself. T_T Gen V RNG Abuser, and proud of it!
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