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Help for a team in Pokemon X/Y

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3 years ago#1
Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum so i don't know if i'm posting this in the right place.
I'm seeking an advise about a team i want to make in pokemon X and i thought you guys may help me. I'm not looking for a competitive team, but i want to use this team against a friend of mine who makes massive use of earthquakes and has got a very fast 252 evs vel jolteon. By now the only certain pokemon in my team are:

Blaziken Accelerator 252 atk 252 vel 4 hp Neutral nature

Fire blitz
Hi jump kick
Sword dance

Gengar Levitate 252 sp atk 252 vel 4 sp def (sp atk+ sp def-) nature

Focus blast
Shadow ball
??? (Please no egg moves)

Greninja Torrent 252 vel (circa) 200 sp atk (circa) 52 atk. (Sp atk+ sp def-) nature

Water shuriken

May you please help me to finish this team with in game pokemons? I wouldn't mind someone who can cast stealth rock (like ferrothorn) or tanks (like snorlax or so). Use the minimum egg moves possible please.
Thank you and sorry in advance for my bad english (i'm italian).
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
Bump, i guess .-.
3 years ago#5
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