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Post your team you used to beat Elite 4/Current Team

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3 years ago#21
E4 Team: Venusaur- Lv69, Azumarill- Lv72, Floette- Lv71, Aurorus- Lv68, Delphox- Lv71, Talonflame- Lv59
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3 years ago#22
Greninja - Lv. 75
Charizard - Lv. 74
Gardevoir - Lv. 71
Jolteon - Lv. 72
Lucario - Lv. 71
Salamence - Lv. 69

I don't think any of them even got to attack once. Really need to turn off the Exp. Share and not do Super Training/Pokemon Amie on the next playthrough for higher difficulty.
3 years ago#23
I was over-leveled, and also old school (mostly):

Greninja - 73
Kadabra - 73
Pidgeot - 73
Raichu - 74
Charizard - 76
Blaziken - 83

Damn Blaziken kept leveling faster than the rest, lol
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3 years ago#24
My initial team was

Gengar lvl.66 (Dusk)

Chestnaught lvl.73 (Welshy)

Sylveon lvl.75 (Clarabelle)

Heliolisk lvl. 76 (Carmen)

Current team is Talonflame and Mareep eggs....
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3 years ago#25

All the pokes that were given to me in game. So I SR for the nature, iv, gender, etc.
3 years ago#26
All in the low 70s:
Meowstic (Female)
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3 years ago#27
Jolteon (Highest Lvl)
Vaporeon (Totally own E4 Fire user)
Sylveon (Shutdown E4 dragon user)
Hawlucha (HM Slave lol)
3 years ago#28

Braixen - Lv. 28 (Depating switching her for a Bold or Calm daughter with Wish)
Combusken - Lv. 22
Nidorina - Lv. 22
Sylveon - Lv. 21
Floette - Lv. 20
Combee - Lv. 20

Just beat the first gym and made it to the second gym city. n.n But they're all EV'd~
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3 years ago#29
Yveltal lv 87
Tyrantrum lv 74
Charizard lv 76
Lucario lv 74
Delphox lv 79
Lapras lv 62
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3 years ago#30
Delphox (Rose)
Clawitzer (Rocket)
Peanut (Talonflame)
Ping (Pangoro)
Shock (Heliolisk)

all 65 and im about to fight the E4
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