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Post your team you used to beat Elite 4/Current Team

#41GlassCobra15Posted 10/29/2013 11:52:06 AM
Lv 69 Chesnaught
Lv 69 Talonflame
Lv 70 Blastoise
Lv 69 Pangoro
Lv 69 Aegislash
Lv 69 Tyrantrum
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#42dreadscythe111Posted 10/29/2013 10:03:04 PM
Blaziken Lv. 85
Drapion Lv. 29
#43astrangeonePosted 10/29/2013 10:05:59 PM
I don't remember the levels, but:
- Goodra
- Greninja (urgh...the typing's good, but seriously lacking in decent moves)
- Charizard
- Sylveon
- Meowstic
- Tyruntram (the evolved version of it)

I actually laughed at the Champion - I had the two Pokemon she did. :)
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#44extremegunnerPosted 10/29/2013 10:12:18 PM(edited)
Greninja, Venusaur, Blaziken, Aerodactyl, Aegislash and Snorlax.

Stone Edge and Earthquake before postgame? Yes please.
#45kouwufeiPosted 10/29/2013 10:12:43 PM
Levels 61-64

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#46poop900Posted 10/29/2013 10:14:43 PM
E4 Team:

Aegislash (Jim)
Gardevoir (Frank) ((He's a dude))
Goodra (Thomas)
Gengar (John)
Bibarel (HM)

They were all around lvl 75-80

Swept champ with Aegislash. 3 Hawlucha X-Scissors = 3 Swords Dance = GG
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#47KingofBoxesPosted 10/31/2013 5:16:35 PM
Lv. 66 Chesnaught
Lv. 67 Blastoise
Lv. 69 Lucario
Lv. 63 Flareon
Lv. 66 Sigilyph
Lv. 60 Zweilous
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#48Zesnam359Posted 10/31/2013 6:48:11 PM
My First Hall of Fame entry team:
Delphox lvl.68
Blaziken lvl.69
Mienshao lvl.68
Doublade lvl.67
Absol lvl.68
Hawlucha lvl.67

My current team:
Absol lvl.70 (Different from first team)
Chandelure lvl.70
Mienshao lvl.70 (Different from first team)
Delphox lvl.70 (Different from first team)
Aegislash lvl.70 (Different from first team)
Clawitzer lvl.70
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#49KillerMechanoidPosted 10/31/2013 6:51:09 PM
My Team used to beat E4:

Charizard Y
Yveltal (Not used AT ALL, just here for exp)
HM Slave (whoops!)
#50ShadowArenaPosted 10/31/2013 6:57:24 PM
Current team:

Chesnaught lvl. 60 (B'dg)
Pidgeot lvl. 53 (Haruto)
Ampharos lvl. 53
Greninja lvl. 57
Delphox lvl. 57
Garchomp lvl. 53 (Akiko)
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