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Pokemon XY Team Calculator

#1kcinshinPosted 10/22/2013 9:27:57 PM
Through the power of spreadsheets I present to you the Pokemon XY Team Calculator!

This spreadsheet will calculate all your Pokemon's weaknesses and strengths and show you on an informative table how your team stacks up against certain Pokemon types. Just type in your Pokemon's name and type and the table updates itself! It's spreadsheet magic!

Not sure if something like this already exists somewhere on the internet, but I thought I'd share the tool I've been using. It's helped me to cover some of the holes I've had in my teams. It doesn't take into account a Pokemon's stats or type combinations, but I've found it cuts down on the amount of thinking I have to do. I hope you all enjoy this little tool I've made.

Google Doc Spreadsheet

Excel XLSX Spreadsheet
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