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What the heck is wrong with Gen 4

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3 years ago#41
D/P were way too slow. That's about it.
3 years ago#42
The surf speed in D/P was horrific.

I don't really care tho... there wasn't too much surfing areas until the end
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3 years ago#43
Each generation gets better every time it moves on. "Nostalgia" isn't a good reason why Gens 1 and 2 were the best. The games advance every gen, they don't get downgraded every gen. If you think that the older gens were better, it's simply your opinion and experience of how the games are made. Just take the graphics for example. They get better every generation, not worse. I'm pretty sure this
isn't better than this

Not saying people can't like certain gens better than another gen. I personally like Gen 4 the most because "nostalgia", but obviously, Gens 5 and 6 are obviously ADVANCEMENTS that get better every gen.
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