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Where do you save the most?

#1theShadowCat6Posted 10/23/2013 5:50:55 PM
Where is your preference on saving your game along your journey? - Results (189 votes)
Pokemon Center
47.62% (90 votes)
Pokemon Gym
0% (0 votes)
Outside in the city
2.12% (4 votes)
Before battling
2.12% (4 votes)
34.92% (66 votes)
Does it matter?
13.23% (25 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just wondering. ^_^ I know I have a habit of saving my game while in Pokemon Centers.
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#2xtdg134Posted 10/23/2013 5:51:46 PM
In the Cafe Le Wow lobby, that's where I level all my Pokemon >.> That and the Pokemon Center in Laverre, since that's where you buy the EV vitamins.
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#3P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 10/23/2013 5:52:13 PM
I tend to finish up some event (gym, battles, grinding, catching all the pokemon in the route, etc.), then run to the PokeCenter. If I remember to heal before I save, I leave my character facing the door. If I haven't yet healed, I'll leave him facing Nurse Joy.
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#4neoblue107Posted 10/23/2013 5:53:20 PM
I only save in Lumiose City.

#5Cuppy-FacePosted 10/23/2013 5:54:12 PM
Lumiose INDOORS.
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#6Puglia77Posted 10/23/2013 5:54:39 PM
Wherever I stop playing. Even if that means on the streets of Lumiose.
#7Alty1Posted 10/23/2013 5:54:54 PM
In or around the day care.
#8X_Ayumi_XPosted 10/23/2013 5:55:21 PM
I've saved in Lumiose outdoors a few times, Saves in Centers 99.9999999999% of the time.
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#9xfyrenxPosted 10/23/2013 5:56:53 PM
Anywhere, really, although I tend to save more in the Berry Farm.
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#10Meta289Posted 10/23/2013 5:57:08 PM
Usually Pokemon Center, but I've been saving at home a lot recently.
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