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How do i deal with azumarill?

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User Info: PhoenixWroggi

3 years ago#11
I caught a Lanturn, never even have Chinchou in my pokedex.
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User Info: _Peterson_

3 years ago#12
Skarmony? Jellicent?

User Info: mada7

3 years ago#13
Venusaur counters it on both types and is really bulky
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User Info: MettanAtem

3 years ago#14
You let it kill your entire team.
And then you consider why you were using nothing but Fire and Dragon.
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User Info: mrveggie

3 years ago#15
i only have 1 fire poke and dragons :l

User Info: code_kirin

3 years ago#16
Speaking as an Azumarill user, grass/poison walls it for days. At least until we can get our hands on ice punch... Not that it will want to stay in on one anyway.
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User Info: Prodicalx

3 years ago#17
Unless they are starting to put Bulldoze on Azumarill (I don't think very many people run that), Steelix can box it in very well.
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