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Why is spd such an important stat?

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2 years ago#1
I've been reading this on the competitive boards and if you guys could give me some clarity as to why it's so highly regarded. Unlike other RPGs speed doesn't generate ex turns, so is it simply a first strike tool for OHKOs?
2 years ago#2
That sweeping garchomp might be the only thing you see
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2 years ago#3
Well if you move faster, you get the first hit...
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2 years ago#4
It is indeed for the first hit

normally in a battle of sweepers, the one who hits first will win
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2 years ago#5
Having the first move can give alot of advantages, such as putting your opponent to sleep, paralyzing it, flinching it, or straight out KO-ing it.
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2 years ago#6
Would you rather be going second all the time?
2 years ago#7
So it is a turn relevancy to avoid sweepers? That's interesting because I don't see a lot about boosting def and sdef to withstand that first attack, which could be the same I guess. I don't play competitively so the mechanics confound me a little
2 years ago#8
Well, there are some pokemon that prefer to go after an enemy too.
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2 years ago#9
motoraptor posted...
Would you rather be going second all the time?

It's not as simple as that though... With some abilities like sturdy it seems like going second with a "minus strike" type ability (if it even exists) would change the outcome considerably
2 years ago#10
Being first is very important, almost more important that attack and special attack.

Imagine I have two Speed Boosting Blazikens. Both are EV'd out in Atk and Spe. This is a very common competitive Pokemon with a very common build. One is Jolly another is Adamant. The Adamant one will hit slightly harder, but the Jolly one will always go first. In the end, the Jolly Blaziken will much more likely KO the Adamant Blaziken simply because it went first on that last round.
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