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Guide to breeding pokemon with Perfect or near-Perfect IVs ver 1.1

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3 years ago#1
Thanks to Gen 6's new breeding mechanics, obtaining perfect Pokemon is now possible and doesn't even require a huge amount of work. As always, attaining total perfection is optional and is not really necessary in most cases, but it can be done and some people are going to want to do it.


- You must have beaten the game so you can access the Friend Safari, which is in Kiloude City

- You need a friend safari that has dittos. Dittos caught in the friend safari always have at least two perfect IVs, are are indispensable when breeding. Unfortunately, the word has gotten out that friend safaris with Dittos are valuable, so some people have become stingy with them. Note that the person does not need to KEEP you on their friend list, they just need to see you online once, afterwards they can delete you and you can still continue to access the Ditto friend safari to your heart's content.

- Once you have a friend safari with Dittos, go into it and catch a lot of them. This is super easy, put a Magikarp that only knows Splash (use the move deleter, you can fish for them with the Old Rod on Route 3) and holds the smoke ball in your first slot. If you find a Ditto, just let it transform into magikarp, switch to someone with False swipe, and start throwing pokeballs. If the wild pokemon is not a Ditto, just run away. The goal is to get a ditto having every nature (except all the neutral ones). If you can't find a specific one, you can try using a ralts that only knows growl and has synchronize and the right nature instead of the Magikarp.

- Once you have a set of Dittos, take them to the IV checker in the Kiloude City pokemon center (see below for how to understand what he tells you). Use the marking system to track what perfect IVs they have. There's 6 marks and 6 stats, so just mark them off in this order: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed. If any of them have 3 or more perfect IVs, those ones will be especially useful, but 2 is good enough.

- Catch a fletchling (with its non-hidden ability Big Pecks) and evolve it. Teach it Fly. This will be your egg hatcher. When this pokemon is in your party, eggs hatch twice as fast. It can also fly you between Kiloude and Camphrier, which you'll be doing constantly.

- You must obtain the Everstone from an NPC in Geosenge Town, and the Destiny Knot from an NPC in Cyllage City.

- The Power Items (Power Brace, Power Band, Power Anklet, etc) from the Battle Maison are useful but optional, you can make do without them, it will just take slightly longer.

Breeding Basics: (IVs, Hold Items, Natures, Abilities, Egg Moves)

- Every pokemon has 6 IVs, one for each stat, and they range from 0 to 31. These are determined when a pokemon is born (or encountered in the wild) and can never be changed. An IV of 31 is considered a perfect IV, as it gives optimal stats.

- Under normal circumstances IVs are chosen randomly, but when breeding you can pass down IVs from parents to babies. There are many ways to manipulate what gets passed down, and if done properly, you can get 5 perfect IVs fairly easily.

- Under normal circumstances, babies inherit 3 random IVs, each chosen from a random parent. However, if the parents hold certain items, these passed IVs can be manipulated. Holding a Power Item guarantees that parent will pass down that stat, for example if the mother holds Power Anklet her Speed IV will always be passed down. However, only one parent can hold a Power Item, you cannot pass 2 IVs this way. If a parent holds the Destiny Knot, 5 IVs are inherited instead of 3. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery
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3 years ago#2
- Every Pokemon also has a nature, which raises one stat by 10% and lowers another by 10%. If you lower a stat your pokemon doesn't need, this basically amounts to a 10% boost to a chosen stat, so having the right nature is essential for raising strong pokemon. Natures are chosen randomly when pokemon are born, but if either parent holds the Everstone, every baby will have the parent's nature. When encountering a wild pokemon, if the first pokemon in your party has the ability "Synchronize", all wild pokemon have a 50% chance to have the same nature as that pokemon.

- To breed two pokemon, leave both of them with the Day-Care Couple on Route 7, which is west of Camphrier Town, and bike back and forth along that route. When the man outside turns to face you, he has an egg for you, bike around some more until it hatches.

- Not all pokemon can breed with each other, each pokemon belongs to one or more "Egg Groups" that determine what it can breed with. The exception is Ditto, who can breed with any pokemon except those who cannot breed at all. Due to the fact that he can breed with anyone, Ditto is immensely valuable when passing down IVs. Genderless pokemon can only breed with Ditto if at all.

- When you breed pokemon, the baby is always the same species as the female. If breeding with a ditto, the baby is always the same species as the pokemon that isn't Ditto. Dittos cannot breed with other Dittos, so you can never hatch a Ditto.

- Every Pokemon also has an ability that affects how it battles. For every pokemon, at least two abilities are possible, and many have 3 possibilities. Of these abilities, one is always the "hidden ability" (or HA) which is special because it can't be found through normal encounters. Pokemon possessing their hidden ability can be found in the friend safari and through horde battles, and a Pokemon that knows its hidden ability can pass it down to a baby of their own species. You can not pass down hidden abilities to babies of a different species, for example an HA male Lucario and a non-HA female Fennekin cannot hatch an HA Fennekin. Ditto can also never pass down its hidden ability.

- When breeding, the ability babies are born with is random, but it is heavily weighted towards the female's ability (or the non-ditto's ability if using a Ditto). This means that you should try to use pokemon with the desired ability for breeding stock.

- How fast pokemon produce eggs depends on their species and OT. Pokemon caught or bred by you of different species (for example, a pokemon you hatched and a ditto you caught) have the worst breeding rate ("The pokemon don't seem to like each other much"). The breeding rate can be improved if you either got the pokemon in a trade or if the pokemon are the same species. "They seem to get along very well!" is the optimal breeding rate, but even "They seem to get along" (use the same species) is a fairly big boost.

- Pokemon can also inherit moves when they are born. If both parent pokemon know a move, and the baby can learn it via level up or TM, it will be born with it. More importantly, though, Pokemon can be born with some moves they would not normally learn (called "Egg Moves", check to see what Egg Moves are possible for each Pokemon) if one of the parents knows the move. Since Pokemon cannot learn these moves normally, the way to create a baby pokemon that knows this move is to breed a female of your desired species with a male of another species in the same egg group that knows the desired move. Note that females can now pass down egg moves too, so you can bring in multiple egg moves by breeding them onto a female and then changing the male pokemon. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery
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3 years ago#3
Checking your IVs

- The IV Checker can be found in the Kiloude City Pokemon Center. He tells you a ton of information about your pokemon, and understanding it all is essential to creating good pokemon.

- The first thing he tells you is the overall potential of your pokemon. This is simply a measure of all of your IVs added together and is not particularly helpful. "Outstanding" is the highest grade that isn't totally perfect.

- Next, he will tell you your best IV or IVs. All of the IVs he mentions here have the same value, and are higher than any of your other IVs.

- Next, he will tell you how good those stats are. If he says "Stats like that, they can't be beat", it means they are 31. So if he named HP, Attack, and Defense, then said they can't be beat, you have 3 perfect IVs.

- Finally, if you have any IVs that are 0, he will mention them at the end. Otherwise, the last part is the end of what he tells you.

- Go to the Pokemon Storage System afterwards and use the Marking System to mark the perfect IVs on your pokemon. This will be useful when breeding.

Chain Breeding for the Perfect Pokemon:

- The key to creating a perfect Pokemon is chain breeding. The basic idea is to incrementally create better and better babies each generation and have them become the new parents.

- Note that this part of the guide assumes you want perfect IVs in all useful stats, but there are some rare instances where 0 is desired instead of 31. You can pass 0s in exactly the same way as 31s, you just can't easily catch Dittos that have them and will likely have to roll them randomly.

- The first step is to obtain a pokemon of the species you want. The only thing about this Pokemon that matters is its ability. If you want the hidden ability, you must get a hidden ability pokemon to start with. If you want one of the standard abilities the ability does not matter either.

- Next, we're going to breed for Nature and Egg Moves. Select the Ditto that has the appropriate Nature, and give it the Everstone, then breed this with your pokemon. If your pokemon and the Ditto have great IVs, you can give your pokemon a power item or the Destiny Knot to speed things up a little, but this is not vital in the long run. The result will be a baby with the correct nature, which will replace your original parent. Note that if you are breeding for hidden ability, you must breed until you get a baby that retains the hidden ability (this will be the case at every step). If you want Egg Moves, you must breed until you get a female. Once you have the female, breed it with the male pokemon that has the egg move you want to hatch a baby with the right nature and egg move. If you want multiple egg moves, you must get another female and continue bringing in the egg moves until you have them all. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery
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3 years ago#4
- Eventually you should have a pokemon with the right nature and egg moves. We are now going to breed for IVs. First, take the everstone from the Ditto and give it to your pokemon. Now, check your Pokemon's IVs (you will also do this at every step), and choose a Ditto that has desirable perfect IVs that your pokemon doesn't. The more perfect IVs the Ditto has, the better. If the number of different perfect IVs between your pokemon and the Ditto is 3 or less, have the Ditto hold a power item. Otherwise, have the Ditto hold Destiny Knot.

- All of the babies you hatch will still have the right nature and Egg Moves (make sure to withdraw your pokemon from the daycare occasionally to change the order of the moves, when a pokemon learns a new move by level up, the move in the top slot is lost, so keep the egg moves at the bottom), and they may have some perfect IVs. Take them to the IV checker and mark any perfect IVs that they have. If a baby has more perfect IVs than a parent, replace the parent (give the everstone to the baby) and continue breeding. You should switch out your dittos for ones with different perfect IVs once your babies inherit some of the perfect IVs the Ditto has. Once your Pokemon and the Ditto have 4 different perfect IVs between them, switch to the Destiny Knot.

- As you continue to replace the parent pokemon with superior babies, you will eventually reach the point where between your baby and the ditto you have all desired perfect IVs, and your babies are hatching with 3-4 perfect IVs each. At this point, your goal is to phase out the Ditto. What you need now is to find a male and female baby that have 3-4 perfect IVs each and have all of the desired perfect IVs between them. The female also must have the correct ability (the male can have the wrong ability, the male's ability no longer matters at this stage). Once you have this, replace your parents with these two. One must hold the everstone, and one must hold the Destiny Knot, but which holds which does not matter.

- Up until this point, there hasn't been too much luck involved in the process. You should generally get a baby with the desired IVs at each stage within 5 pokemon or so unless you're doing something wrong, but now luck is a factor. What you want now is to hatch a Pokemon with 5 perfect IVs in the desired stats. If both of your parents have 4 perfect IVs (if they don't, replace them with 4 perfect IV parents ASAP), the odds to hatch a pokemon with all 5 perfect is about 1 in 24. There is nothing you can do to speed this part up, just keep breeding and checking every baby until it finally happens.

- You will eventually find one with 5 perfect IVs. If it has the right ability, congratulations, you're done (seriously, don't attempt all 6 perfect, most pokemon don't even use their 6th stat). If it has the wrong ability and is male, replace the male parent with this one, you can now breed another 5IV one much easier than you could before. If it has the wrong ability and is female, life sucks, try again.

- If you really, really want to get a totally perfect Pokemon, you must breed a male and a female pokemon with 5 perfect IVs in the same stats, and the female must have the right nature. Breed these two together until you finally get a perfect one. You have about a 1 in 200 chance of a hatched baby being completely perfect (there's no way to pass down a 6th stat, so the last stat will always be determined randomly and it must simply happen to be perfect as well). Good luck.

- If you ever get an all 6 perfect Pokemon, you can breed more of them a fair bit easier than you got the first one by replacing one of the 5IVs with the 6IV. Even though you can't pass down all 6 stats, there's no longer the chance that the Destiny Knot will pick the non-perfect IV to pass down. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery
3 years ago#5
The Masuda Method:

- Every Pokemon can also come in two possible colours, the standard one, and an alternate colour that is referred to as a "Shiny". The colour does not affect their battle performance in any way, it is purely cosmetic.

- Shinies are ludicrously rare (about 1 in 8000), but there is a way to hatch them with slightly better odds. If you breed two pokemon from different regions, you now have a 5 in 8000 chance to get a Shiny.

- You can combine this with IV breeding if you have a parent pokemon from a different region. The best way to do this is to get to the final step, then find someone on the trading boards from a different region and swap high-IV male pokemon. Remember, you only need to find a pokemon from the same egg group for Masuda breeding.
Alternatively you could try trading someone a different region some eggs and have them send them back to you after they hatch.

- Unfortunately, you can't replace this traded pokemon with a superior baby if you want to get the Shiny, because every egg you hatch is always considered to originate from your region. And note that hatching a shiny still takes absurdly long.

- And no, there's no way to pass down Shininess to a baby. Shiny Pokemon aren't any more likely to have Shiny babies than anything else.

So how long does this process take?

Luck is always a factor, and so is how long a pokemon's eggs take to hatch and the ratio of male to female pokemon for that species. On average, once you are set up, a 4 perfect pokemon should take about 20-30 minutes, and a 5 perfect takes about 2-3 hours. 6 perfect will probably take about 5-10 hours. A shiny could be the rest of your natural life.

Credits and useful sites:
This site is the #1 resource on all things pokemon. It shows the full list of moves for each pokemon and has tons of information about anything you could ever want.
Bulbapedia also has loads of information and I had to consult their breeding guide a couple times for minor points of clarification. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery
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