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Question about the destiny knot *important*

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User Info: naruto6795

3 years ago#1
ok so i know that with the destiny knot you have a chance of passing down 5 ivs of a specfic pokemon. now lets say i have a ditto with max ivs in hp def and sp def while i have a froakie with max ivs in sp atk and spe. could i give them both destiny knots and breed down til i have 5 perfect ivs? what im saying is can 2 destiny knots be used at the same time when breeding.
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User Info: moothead

3 years ago#2
Both parents, not one.
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User Info: Kabuto_Y

3 years ago#3
It's a guarantee to pass down 5 IVs total from between the two parents. You're better off either using a power item to try and get 6 IVs, or an everstone to get the nature you want.
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