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What does non-0 Spd IV Aegislash have to worry about?

#1BlueDryBones1Posted 10/24/2013 4:23:01 PM
Don't know its speed but I know its not 0. Just breed my first 5 IV today in 31/31/31/31/31/xx Honedge. I'm still going b/c 1 with 4 IVs is German and I'm breeding with the new 5 IV one to get more 5 IVs as well as try to Masuda a also great one.

Don't know if I should be worried about not 0 speed. On the Bright side LO +2 Shadow Sneak OKHOs Defence stance Aegislash max HP and all defences up to 421 Def but still its not max speed so its not worth relying on that all the time unless for some reason mine is somehow 1 Speed IV. Still other than Aegislash vs Aegislash anything that's worth going for that 0 Speed or is it not worth it? I know Im not maxed anyways. All I know is that at I believe it was Lv 19 Honedge had 15 speed. I might've forgotten the level but that's what my first Honedge have so I'm thinking might be around there for future ones.
#2BlueDryBones1(Topic Creator)Posted 10/24/2013 4:34:15 PM

Also Lv 1 = 4 IV Lv 19 = 15 means 11 in 18 levels 31 levels to go assuming .61 per level on average it'll have 33-34 at Lv 50 as a Honedge meaning that its actually under 10 speed IVs. Though this is with an older Honedge the first one. The 5 IV one got a random speed so idk what it'll get. But ik the odds of getting 0 speed anyways are low.